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About Us

Hello, we are The Frazier's!  We work as a team to provide a unique gifting experience for our customers.  We started our engraving business in August, 2019 and have continued to grow our products and our staff to accommodate our goals.  Inspired by personal events in our own lives, we develop creative products that we feel will appeal to our customers.  

While we greatly enjoy product development, we had no idea how much we would fall in love with our customers once we started an online business.  We were quickly amazed at the stories they would share with us and the reactions they received from gift recipients.  We were surprised at how connected we felt to our customers and it encouraged us to go the extra mile with each and every order to continue creating a fun and positive experience for the person ordering, as well as for the person receiving the item.

As we have grown, we've learned that great communication, good team work, and a genuine desire to touch the lives of others in a positive way has helped us to consider this more than just a business for us - it is our way of life.  

We hope as you interact with us, you will feel connected to our team and that you have a wonderful experience!

With much kindness,

The Frazier Family:

Dan - Owner, Business & Communications Manager

Gina - Owner, CEO

Geoff - Owner, Head Graphic Designer and Product Development

Carissa - Owner, Office Manager & Social Media/Marketing